МиГ-35 (MIG-35) @ MAKS 2013 HD
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beton Lublin

- Soon it will be in the Egyptian air forces :)
- fighter in Egyptian 46 fighters
- superiority to f18 ..
- Second half of video ruined by music.
- looks like F18 ..
- Finally. this MiG not release the smoke.
- mig-35 in Egypt now
- I guess russian aircrafts aways had the lower price on their side compared to their western counterparts... but now it really seems that they upped their game. Their modern aircraft seem to be really quality build and seem to deliver excelent performance for the money. But they still have few mess ups here and there like su-30's failing fly by wire system ;)
- Nice to see a MiG that doesn't smoke like a chimney. Probably the first truly high quality MiG, should be awesome.
- for my point of view i like this plane it fly nice
- The comment section is like I remember YouTube being way back, calm. Nobody trying to act like they're better than the next person. LOL Even the disagreements are calm!

Thanks for the video and thanks to everybody who commented (for acting like adults).
- Yes, Pilot Training is paramount too. But that too depends on the country/place the pilots are trained from.

It depends on political structure too. US, UK and Israel got excellent pilot training schedule and their political structure allows them financially to support and train Pilots with more flight hours.

Soviet Union in the past had more land area back then and they too had quality pilots.....but after Soviet Union fell apart......it remains to be seen if they still have top notch top-gun pilots.

I wouldnt call it great track record for US on Iraq and Libya when they fought........it was purely one sided battle when the US had the aid of AWACS, JSTARS, Top-notch recon satellites and Quality hardware on their aircrafts versus Iraqi Migs with outdated avionics and NO AWACS or communication setup for them. US faced challenge only on Vietnam, Korea and (Past Germany) when they normally met enemy pilots up close and personal........that's when piloting skill is truly put to test.
- Modern air combat is all about who has better technology and Russians gave more priority in close combat while the US on Tech stuff. In close range combat, it all on the Pilots skill to the test......that is, if the missile misses.

Now, Russia is slowly rethinking her priorities and adapting with the new PAK FA which is still on prototype stage.

I'm not going to count American victories against poor air-force Iraq while technology for Americans where top notch and Iraq had the completely outdated stuff and not the true Russian gear. So far America hasn't fought against highly trained Mig pilots.

Just look how the poor Vietnam air force against the US top-gun pilots.......technology was still just growing and one had to close in for a dogfight combat, which is where the Pilots skills are tested.
- Not bad
- Most relaxing comments section of all warbird videos. Maybe i am wrong, correct me pls if you know it better, but i think the capitalism won the money race in the world and even russia cannot develop extraordenary new technologys without huge amount of money. The days are over to design only with pan and paper. Capitalism has developed so much negative that communism seems brighter to me now than ever before. I dont want to start a bitchfight but we shouldnt consider us on the western side to be always supperior in every aspect. I like to see russia as equal important for europe as the usa. Hollywood and fastfood arent everything!
- Mig 35 so manuverbility, it can compete with american fighter particularly f35 jsf
- This is the first in a long time that I see people discussing with eachother in a respectfull way on youtube for a long time. May I compliment everybody here.
And offcourse thanks for the video!