2012 Sioux Falls Air Show - F-22 Raptor Preflight & Demo
Odsłon: 317724
Czas trwania: 22m 55s
Ocena tzw. rating: 744

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- Dilma, compra pra nós?
- Flying with glasses?you gotta be kidding me!that's almost impossible.
- Thank you for not having music.
- A fighter pilot with glasses??? wtf? I can't even fly a cessna with glasses or lences.
- I gave up on trying to become a pilot cuz i don't have 20/20 vision. Then i saw the pilot with glasses. Fuck you Uncle Tom.
- commence the $500k helmet !
- Wow the F-22 is so cool
- Incredible
- and than su37 come....
- So many people just dont realise that flying modern a/c is an exercise of high mental workload. Perfect vision or perfect coordination is not where people fail, it's excess mental capacity.
- U the man!
- Respect!
- was that a minor flameout at 04:05 ?
- Boring Demo. Check out the Rafale demo...
- So if individuals requiring corrective eyewear can still be fighter pilots, can somebody remind me why I sit in a cubicle all day?
- Too expensive, to high flight/maintenance ratio. Most A2A combat that has taken place in the last few conflicts was BVR. There are much cheaper BVR platforms.
- An upgraded f-16 and f-15 can do the same thing for a 1/4 of the cost
- You little kids have no clue how these aircraft work. Stealth is a scam 
- The F-22 Raptor and The F-35 JSF (replace F-16): the design almost identical...... Coincidence?