2015 WW3 Update: Russian SU-30 Fighters practice strikes on NATO warships !
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- Your monologue is interesting but it is really difficult to listen to the umms and ahhhs and the clucking of your teeth and tongue. You might want to consider using a logically ordered description of possible scenarios for each weapon class. Drifting through a disconnected set of your ideas doesn't fit for us.
- you know...eeee you know...eeeee, uhhh...you know.........Mate I don't know, but you defo know :D :D
- Once again. Thanks for your insights and knowledge.
- This analysis is so stupid. If Russia and America go at it the Russians arnt going to bother with air attacks they'll just use nukes and America like wise and then we all die.
- russia and china will destroy usa and nato in the coming years when ww3 breaks out
- are u fucking uuuh!! uhhh!! uhhh!! retard?? uhhh! uhhh!! I think u are .
- What's the problem here America and it's allies conduct exercises all the time so why not Russia.
- listen suckers American army was defeated three times Vietnam , Afghanistan and Iraq , for the Russian they were fucked too by the afghan, you guys are cowered face to face fighting , you use the top gun technology against poor people to steal their lands and resources , giving them names ...terrorist....buddy you are the fucking terrorist your bloody histories all over your faces ........and for you the video guy....go and fuck yourself and continue masturbating on the porno site .
- America will be destroyed by fire death to America it's the will of God
- There will be no WW3 because Putin and Obama are on the same team. The team you're not on!
- It is a well-documented fact that ISIS is funded by the CIA and Mossad. Also, the majority of Syrians actually support Assad as well as the Iraqi and Iranian regimes, who recently established a "joint information center" together with Russia and Syria in an attempt to combat ISIS.

NATO countries (mostly the US, the UK and Israel) have been preparing for a war against Russia, China and Iran for years. The recent conflicts in Syria and Ukraine are NATO proxy wars with the explicit purpose of weakening respectively Iran and Russia.

Russia's involvement in Syria at the moment is intended to counter NATO aggression in the region and strengthen Iran and Syria. NATO is likely to come up with a phoney excuse to declare war on Russia in the very near future, marking the beginning of a third world war!

The meanstream media has been preparing you to take the side of the aggressor. Don't buy into that. You're being misled!
- Uh... maybe...uhhh...you're an idiot...uh..you know...uhhh...that you are assuming...uh...what NATO is going to do and.....uhhhh
Russia will get it's...uhhh...ass kicked...if it messes with the....uhhh U.S and her....uhhh allies...you know...uhhhh!
- You have some pretty good points. Mostly unbiased and good concise information. Thanks
- US destroyer has been sunk in the South China  Sea , Obama declares defeat .
- Yeah honestly, you have no idea of what the russian mentality is like, your understanding of it is a typical western one. We are completely different to you, your culture is made up of traders, bankers and dollars. Russians have a culture of ideology.
- URGENT For Survival? RUSSIA Is Preparing Its People For A Nuclear Conflict And The USA (Our Government) Is Doing Nothing To Protect US! WE ARE ON OUR OWN! It's getting closer and closer to a Russian nuclear conflict every day and for those that want to survive the radioactive fallout better be prepared to flush the radiation from their contaminated bodies with high quality powdered Zeolite! When this happens it will occur far to fast to take potassium iodide which must be taken before a radiation exposure and even then it will only protect your thyroid for a mere 24 hours. The best radiation detox should be with the natural micronized powdered mineral for human consumption called zeolite which will safely remove the radiation and heavy metals from the body after exposure! Every family should store enough zeolite to protect themselves so they can survive! For more info on nuclear fallout preparedness, see the website at http://www.removeradiation.com
- What a load of shit A russian jet disabled a US warship and the crew turned chicken at least the smart ones did. you got your but kicked and about time.
- How come that all zionist-NATO shills can not speak or read properly....this is third anti-putin propaganda Channel I watch tonight, and third that has serious speak-disfunction...