4195: The Final F-22 Raptor
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- لدي إختراع : الطائرة إف 22 تنقسم في السماء و تصبح طائرتان تم تتحدان و تعودان إلى حالتها الأولى
- I liked the design of the F-22 and when I saw an RC model of it on YouTube, I knew I had to try to build one. To my surprise, it was the most stable RC model I have ever built and as long as the wind isn't higher than the speed it can go (88mph for my 24" and 79mph for my 30") it's fine to fly.
- This green painting should be the final livery, it's would be great for air shows, this only jet's purpose
- like i say stealth technology is no longer a prestige or privilage any more to a so call super power country...Many up coming country can easily copy or modifiy it to a better version eg, china J20 fighter...
- Why can't Lockheed Martin create an updated version of the F22 that shares some of the newer advanced technologies of the F35 like stealth panels instead of a stealth coating. The radar, avionics, and helmet from the F35 for easy data sharing between F22's and F35's and easier interoperability.
- our modern aircraft don't have to dog fight. The Raptor's or F-35's will kill all opponents long before they are ever seen by eye or radar. Top gun isn't real for those of you that don't have a clue.
- I love the people running around "they cancelled the F-22" it's a piece of junk... meanwhile they still have the entire assembly line sitting in a warehouse just ready to be turned back on... but I bet they all knew that already...
- Its very attack aırcraft .how many pıeces dıd buılt?
- I think we have the best military airships in the world. I am mexican and I'm sure we could put down every one of your battle ships in a few seconds; we have a lot of of machinery so we can win any war or any comparison. We have 7 f5 and a lot of cessna type ships... Can any country defeat it?
- The f22 is one the biggest and most expensive faliure from the usa, but this is just the start, usa is becoming fast an old military empire just like the great soviet in modern time got destroyed becuase of economic issues the same is happening to usa !!!
- Why didn't they just make it a nice round number of 4200
- RUSSIAS answer to this s500 air defence
- Still a gorgeous sight to watch.
- jesus christ, that's a nice airplane <3
- really dedication more than any thing like god
- it still be a weapon that killes people
- All slick and shiny and new.  Just missing one thing: where's the fuel-economy sticker that's supposed to go in the window?!?!
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- ..Show
- 2011...... Fuck you!