A Day With the Legendary Northrop B-2 Spirit of the US Air Force
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- After 05:57 I went to the porn site.
- По фашистской России нужно этот самолет применить!Путин военный преступник как Милошевич!
- The worse air refueling I have ever seen. Looks like a new gasket or O ring is needed.
- steath Gao
- What's the problem here: 2:57
- The only legendary thing about this plane is its price.
- is china or russia copying this also?
- cool
- Buenas imágenes saludos desde Chile. ..
- How can this cost $2,400,000,000 :o
- 諾斯羅普·格魯門公司的B-2幽靈,也被稱為隱形轟炸機,是美國空軍(USAF)在冷戰期間,美國飛機製造商諾斯羅普研製的轟炸機。標誌性的飛機飛翼的B-2幽靈是最有名的隱身飛機之一。號稱最有效的在世界上同類產品,它是由四個噴氣發動機的GE F118與單元77千牛的推力,並有兩個隔間可以收到約35噸的理論最大負載。

而B-2幽靈也是最昂貴的飛機在二十世紀,隨著全球單位成本(研究,開發和測試包括在內)估計在$ 2.2十億US1,2於1998年,是在其中設計了爭議的原因之一美國國會和員工之間的聯席會議。雖然132份原本是要建,將只有21,這部分解釋了他們的單位成本。


- Mr. Jack Northrop's flying wing concept and designs sure have come a long ways from 1929. Technology finally made the flying wing a success and proved itself in combat conditions. Great aircraft and great design.
- im like that after 20 pints trying to find the hole
- Congratulations on making the RBR50 List for 2015! Your global excellence in robotics is notable.
- I can't wait to see the successor to this thing. Right now there are 2 triangle replacement crafts in the air, both are still in the black so no one really knows much about them. Hopefully we will see both the new triangle planes and the SR-71 replacement as well. I'm still hoping to see the EW plane that flies ahead of the B-2 but so far that's still black and we (the public) might never see it.
- Its not invisible I can see it. Serbians sow it also.
- Nice
- Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:Different