A Flight of Passage: F-22 Raptor B Course
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Czas trwania: 5m 29s
Ocena tzw. rating: 484

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- Great video!
- Background Music
- Deeeez GEEEEES
- who ever has made this video .... its awesome ... especially the slow-motion effects are great. F 22 is the best plane ever and her pilots are amazing :)
- I see f-22 raptor so many times were I live cause I live near air force base
- 4:56 Nick Cage?
- I can't come to terms as to why people give this plane so much ridicule. Seeing a Raptor fly in an airshow once in my life is an experience I will never forget any time soon. (I'm Canadian, so seeing an F-22 in Canadian airspace won't be happening often :P) but kudos to you guys who designed and built this airplane. Obviously it has been no perfect process in implementing it (it just saw combat for the first time last year, 9 years after it entered operational service), but the Raptor's technologies haven't been remotely seen in fighter aircraft before it and when you experiment with new technology that people don't have experience with, its almost expected that things will go wrong at some point. But these guys knew this from the start, and overcoming them is what makes the Raptor an even better airplane in the end; people need to see this plane fly right before their eyes before they can make judgements about it.
- bad ass I love it the F 22 I live not to far the airbeas I see the F 22's every day fly by some times the like to show off I love the sound of the afterburners make a loud noise thunders of monsters in the skies
- Love that airplane, best America can build... but OMG that thing is expensive... you could buy a brand-new Airbus A380 double decker jet for less than just one F-22.  Granted an A380 is not very good at shooting down the bad guys, but when you see 20 F-22s lined up, image 20 A380s lined up... money money money.
- This is just Amazing seeing that plane in action is just Incredible
- Thing looks like it handles like a stunt plane but with a whole fighter/bomber armament.
- wonder if they will get  the same helmets as the f-35
- We should reopen the production line and buy at least 200 more of these aircraft. Obama and McCain really fucked us over by stopping production.
- You guys are my heroes. Live the dream so I can live it through you guys. XD
- whats the name of the song at the beginning?
- name song
- Those are some of the luckiest guys in the world. I hope to be in there shoes when I join.
- What's the music?? Love the video.