Abbotsford Airshow 2015 F22 Raptor
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Czas trwania: 24m 57s
Ocena tzw. rating: 45

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- Seeing the Mustang and the Raptor together reminds me of the movie The Final Countdown.
- We had a British version of this - Typhoon with a Spitfire - at RIAT haha. Great video and great aircraft :)
- Hello TheDarkestDestroyer. Yes, Saturday and Sunday was the best days for the Raptor because of the low show. Will you be back next year. The Breitling Jet Team confirmed they will be back again.
- Is there some aircraft mechanic here?
- I love how the bay doors open and close at 6:40.
- It may not maneuver like the su37 - as far as we know - but it makes up the difference with other factors, and the engines are the game-changers. I think they give the raptor one of its' unfair advantages. With over 70,000 lbs. of brute force and supercruise to go along, any adversary will be forced to go to afterburner just to keep up. They better have enough fuel for the trip.
- 70,000 lbs of thrust coming out the back of thing would make it a very loud jet. I love it!
- Thanks for sharing your video on YouTube & Hello from South Louisiana!
- All good brother!!! I get excited when fighter jets blast over my head at Mach .9!!!
- 8:58 That's amazing.
- Damn this is american jet
- whoever shot this vid needs some lessons man!!
- No n wlpiiyy
- I saw this on sunday in the blazing sun could not see the moves, nice to see them here.
- The stunt at 5:49 where it turns to the left while almost hovering is crazy. I got that on my vid but it doesn't zoom as good as yours.
I also just got it started again about 5 seconds late when it was doing that master stunt at 9:08! Im glad I found your video though it's very clear.
- That was the best fighter demo I have ever seen in person.