Airbus Group - Eurofighter Typhoon Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS) Combat Simulation [720p]
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- Cool video. Where did you get it?
- So answer me this: if the Typhoon has DASS, why the hell is everyone freaking out about the BVR capability of the F-35 aka 'the flying supercomputer that can shoot you down before you even know it's there'? In fact if DASS is so good, why even bother with stealth at all?
- do another video like this but include an aerial simulation including bandits.... :)))))))
- Enemy will hack it and turn it against it's masters.
Or just pop it or deprive the operator of electrical power.
- I was expecting the typhoon to deal with the SA-10s! The fact that this simulation shows the effects of countermeasures against an old SAM system from 1970 and not the more modern SA-10 (the basic version of the S300 system not the more modern SA-20) which btw only seems to use a 76N6 Clam Shell radar (not a phased array 64N6) indicates to me that all these decoy and ECM systems are still behind modern SAM technology and not a lot has been invented in this field since the early 90s. No need for Su-35s here...
- Until the enemy scrambles SU-35s.
- not to late allways 2or 3 year of delay and when will be the aesa radar operational 2017 2018?
- It's basically one big flying computer.
- กูเปลี่ยนชื่อจรวด เป็น บ่องไฟ มึงจบ
- This aircraft on its own would not stand a chance against those radars and systems. 
- Happy New Year
- ممعقوله تعبر على منضمومة اس 300!!!!
- I made this!!!! I wasn't allowed to upload it! Who are you arronlee33 :D thank you for uploading this
- brak tu systemu buk i tor do ochrony sa-10
- hiy
- good informations