An Aviation Engineering Feat Of A Modern European Jet Fighter (Eurofighter Typhoon Ultimate)
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- The whole premise of fighter planes is outdated- not just the Euro fighter but also the vastly expensive Raptor. Dogfights are a thing of the past. The plane that has the capability of seeing the enemy first is generally the winner- it boils down to who picks up who first- advanced radar etc. Most planes of today won't even see the plane they attack.
- Seems like a sale pitch for the eurofighter
- Portugal built the sardine BBQ part...
- who the fuck are these idiots claiming the su-50 stealth fighter is a great plane

yeah sure morons its such a great plane Russia's partner India completely pulled out and Putin canceled production entirely. Its such a great plane it won't even enter service
- After   112 years of flight look how far  man has come. At the height of air combatToday. What matters is all aircraft take on the enemy of western civil world   to defeat and protect way of life in peace.
- this fighter is shit i think i go with su-50 stealth fighter much better and cheaper
- Was obsolete before it was flown .. joke
- The French RAFALE  kicks the shit out of this plane  in  mockup fights. LOL
- What the fuck is this guy talking about spitifre?