B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber: Prep, Taxi, and Takeoff [HD]
Odsłon: 652566
Czas trwania: 5m 57s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1305

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- the b-2 spirit stealth bomber is loud on land but silent in the air
- американцы молодцы. Умные они
- how ugly it is
- смешной самолет проделавший дыру в бюджете но так и даже близко не подойдя по показателям к отечественным образцам))зато красивый это главное для амеров)))
- Thanks to German technology!
- pfft I could make one of those
- No matter your opinion on the US or War in general, you have to admit, that is one beautiful aircraft.
- Scary how quiet it is when it flies!
- 999.999
- Walter White dies at the end of Breaking Bad.
- С виду самый брутальный бомбардировщик, на мой взгляд.
- E dai , o Brasil tem o tico - teco
- what the fuck do they do with these anyway, why dont they use it in syria now? They have all this technology yet we only hear them doing airstrikes. Unless of course they do it secretly but I doubt it.
- Лада круче!



- You can see the stratosphere on the L.V. strip in the background. Nellis "Red Flag" rocks.
- They should add this into gta
- This jet is awesome
- i live an hour and a half from where these monsters are based and when i go back home to kc i seem to always time it when they come in for a landing and they fly so low over the highway its scares the hell out of you but they are so quiet you dont its there till you see it
- America... Fuck Yeah!!! This piece of work is incredible!