B-2 Spirit! Stealth Bomber RC JET Flight Review in HD! Twin EDF RTF B-2! bananahobby.com!
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- Sir, Pete can you please tell me your transmitter's name ?
- how do you program your radio for duckerons or drag rudders?
- I have a new liking for this kind of plane but it's far to expensive is there a cheaper rc b2 stealth bomber?
- what the music ??
- being a wing do you get more flying time ..how can you afford this is it 3 billion dollars
- You always do the best reviews! Pete.......Also dig how you fly....with authority! Excellent Stealth review!
- Do RC planes show up on radar?If so,then wouldn't the RC version be just as evasive to radar as the full scale aircraft?
- hello, my demontadas came with the wings, however has terminals between body and wing are two plugs, only if I fit they is not of to mount the wing. The male mold x wing for female body not of right.

Any trick to fit the terminals and the wing look good mounted in the body ??

I appreciate if you can help me.


- After watching the video, I suppose I should be impressed, but, having built RC flying wing models in the past, I am not, although it is a nice looking model. But, why won't he mention what size fans it has? As the the subject, I'm going to be impressed when someone with more money than sense decides to build a 4, 5, or even 6 meter span B2 with turbine engines(that size, anything could be carried and dropped out of the bomb bay).
- This plane in 80-90mm version would be sweet!!
- Knit cap. Check. Amber sunglasses. Check. Volcom anything. Check. Let's do this.
- "Basically flies like a big wing"................maybe cuz it is a wing?   just kidding great reviews bud.  too bad i went over to multi-rotors.  After destroying my 1/8 F 16 my heart just can't take bashing an expensive foamy into the concrete.  Only plane left now is my bixler.
- i also bought the B2 pnp! and for all the money i spent on a pnp edf jet, Im so frustrated that the wiring isnt there! please advise..thx
- Hey Pete, i bought the 70 mm F117 and im trying to figure out how to glue in the wings.the wings come wired as i bought as a PNP! but theres no wiring on the fuselage to plug in? Can u please explain that? I even cut a hole on the top of the fuselage to see if i could fish out the connection! But im not gonna keep cutting the plane up to find it? Whats up with that?
- Would this be good for a first time flyer? 
- Ignore Gary, your hat is fine.
- what is the price that this wing jet sale
- Need a couple of wemo evos or CS 10/12 s in that thing
- Looks nice, sounds terrible!