B-2 Stealth Bomber - Full Program
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- the horton was finished and flew the bigger one for america was only a drawing and a few ideas in a brain
- I wish all US military documentaries were like this.
- i hope too
- +TheGamingPiranha Are you serious? The designs was took from Northrop's YB-49 "Flying Wing" from the 1950s and 60's. 

Northrop's YB-49 and B2 Bombers DOES NOT have ANYTHING to do with the German Ho229. And Northrop himself has been making flying wing planes LONG before the Germans
- What a beautiful jet !
- Thus, Thus, Thus, Thus, Thus............
- Its a shame that the B 52 wasn't made like this
- The Americans or whatever company produced this took many ideas from the Ho 229. A  German stealth jet from the end of WW2. You can see and it is admitted sometime that the B2 was inspired by the Ho 229. So it was not a Originial design never shown before
- this shit could create only American to create a killer villain and not the hero who puts a knife in the back and not as a hero goes into battle
- Very informative, but it plays like a promotional production.  Was this made by the plane's manufacturer, or the DOD?
- "America is best and every other nation is shite"  Yeah, we get it. Yanktards.
- 44:27 Let's hope they drop that Silver Bullet on the right target. Would be awfully embarrassing  giving someone 1 megaton instead of one JDAM.
- Not a bad program but kinda fast and loose with their facts...balsa wood, the Mosquito...uh that is horseshit and news to me and also the Mossie flew plenty of missions in the day, just ask Cliff Robertson.
- So, billions into an aircraft to avoid ground based radar. What if the Russians have a satellite based radar? You didnt think of that one, did you?
- I think the b2 has a toilet in it
- Nice plane, But it can be picked up on radar.
- I Refueled The Boeing B - 52 Bombers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- @ Maloy7800....

lol, if such a flight had been carried out there's no guarantee it would be publicized; and the USA and other countries are not guaranteed to disclose the full scope of the stealth capabilities of their aircraft nor the full detection capabilities of their radar, nor the radar operator's procedures for assessing a blip... so much of this data should be expected to be secret so you have no proof of yo claim either and you don't know pumpkin. 
- Beautiful aircraft.  Noshir Gowadia... Enough said.