B2 "Spirit" Bomber Arma 3 Test
Odsłon: 8010
Czas trwania: 2m 4s
Ocena tzw. rating: 27
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- What a laggy pile of shit. Arma 2 > 3
- need to be more steady u move the camera too much
- i dont have the nuke. whats happening or what is my problem. pls help me
- i just can´t acess the service menu
- i'm testing this now but i can´t use the nukes how did u it
- As was I, it has been brought up to the creator. When placed empty on the map, the B2 spawns without fuel, fix would be to use a fuel truck or an ammo truck and open the service menu and hit refuel. FullerPJ should be releasing a hot fix today or tomorrow to solve the issue as well as some other small problems throughout the rest of the pack
- i have this plane yet i cant get it to start or take off or anything can you help