How to make a paper airplane that Flies - BEST PAPER JET AIRPLANES | F-15 Eagle
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kurs niemieckiego Lublin
- sto nisi pricao na srpskom staje jel ti treba mozda neka operacija za mozak ili za glasne zice. i da znas necu vise da gledam tvoj kanal zato sto samo, samo pricas na engleski a ja nikako da te razumem. ama nista te nisam razumeo. cak sam i snimak prekinuo na pola. pa brate malo se potrudi da govoris srpski. ja sam srbin a, nisam englez...
- who ever recorded this i can't see that well
i can't even follow you folds
- Works better than the other plane that I made before this👍👍👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😉
- 😉😉😉😉
- Sorry,it does fly very well
- Doesn't realy fly but thanks anyway nice design
- Stop being so mean to him
- super bad quality
- you rock:)
- why is the spirit bomber B2 is private?
- trim the paper down to what size???
- Замечательно
- Your channel is the best one for making paper airplanes!😄
- tri dang just subsribed
- lanuguag
- That's a nice plane.
- Amazing nice turorial ;)
- You suck
- Can you tell me a papper size in video :D
- good video, but the lighting is hard to see the details :(