How to make a paper airplane that flies fast & far - BEST PAPER JET PLANES | F-22 Raptor
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- Tutorial sucks!!!
- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
- So ez
- gordo puto de mierda no se entiende una verga lo que haces
- Best f22 tutorial
Good quality
easy to follow steps
plane actually flies
plane looks like the real thing
not much adjusting needed and overall best origami F-22 Raptor on YouTube
keep making more videos
- Easy to make :D. +1 subscribe and +1 Like!
- URGHHHH HOW TO DO AFTER 10:00 ??????
- Err... Can you tell me size papper in video :D
- Wow i made this and it flew 100 feet and made it in 5:45 minutes
- Hi, TRI DANG. Really like all your videos. Good tutorials. Please subscribe to my channel as well. Thanks.
- 5:29 "I have made more than a hundred versions" Don't Lie....You Don't Even did it more than 20
- Seems Easy Enough Then Realizing Its Not
- Hmmm Felt Like you Changed Your Youtube Name Hmmm
- subscribe, love it
- Could you stop like about 5 seconds per step??? :)
- It doesn't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- difficulty max bring it on !!!!!!
- get that stupid must out of the background it sounds better with only ur own voice
- Wauerrrrsss top dude greates !
- اشرد