Bisbetic & Nathanael K - F22 Raptor (Original Mix)
Odsłon: 75026
Czas trwania: 6m 13s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1451
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- This is really cool bro !!!!!!!!!! I M DANCEING !!!!!!!
- Do u know what i have no words to discribe this mix..every time i listen to it i just turn it up and close my eyes and feel like im in the 7th heaven
- Roses are red, violets are blue, last time something dropped this hard it ended world war 2
- It's like dyro but better ;)
- Why don't these guys have more songs?!?! There drops are amazing!
- This must be one of the best drops ever.
- This is so Fucking good
- I listen to this amazing song at least 20 times a day