Boeing F-15 Eagle Next Generation Air Superiority Aerial Combat Tactical Fighter Full Documentary
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przechowalnia mebli
- Yada, Yada, Yada!
- All we see is American aggression.
- They should've left out the wmd part.
- When in doubt throttle out.
- anyone call Lee?
- Американские вафли превосходят все ! Кленовый сироп просто удивительно !
Amerikanskiye vafli prevoskhodyat vse ! Klenovyy sirop prosto udivitel'no !
- Russian fighters like SU-27 have infrared helmet-mounted targeting systems superior to F-15 HUDS. they have more weapons, longer range air-to-air missiles AND a more maneuverable heat-seaker the AA-10
- in the Lebanon air war Israel destroyed radar sites in Syria and used American AWACS to direct the air war. so it is just propaganda that Israeli jets killed Migs. fact is, it wasn't a fair fight because the MIGs fought blind. that's like fighting a guy blindfolded. again, more western propaganda
- propaganda! F-15's don't have more weapons than Russian fighters. Israel didn't buy the jets-American taxpayers paid for them!
- no guns on the F-4 WTF????
- Has anyone called Lee? @ 9:33 lol
- You need to tell Lee to change his phone number!
- The F-14 still rules !!!!!!!!! Even over the new F-22 and F- 35!
- Used to have an McD F15 poster I got at an airshow booth..."The F-15 Eagle: Built to Fight Where Others Fear to Fly!"
- They should've titled this. 104-0. That is ZERO LOSSES. EVER!!!!
- Even with all the improvements on the "Silent Eagle" Boeing forgot one important improvement. They should have included the tail pipe configuration like on the F-35 and let them be maneuverable to assist in sharp turns.
- je suis content que le gouvernement belge et la force aerien belge on choisi le f 35 à pour remplacer nos avions f 16 belges on aura les m'aime f 35 à que nos amis de la force aerien haulandaise les belge et les haulandais sora sur un seul commandement comme la marine belgo néerlandaises le gouvernement belge n'a pas choisi l'avion rafale français temps mieux ouf que le gouvernement français garde ces rafale pour ces amis arabes nous on n'es pro américain tout les pays du nord de l'Europe qui volé sur les avions f 16 on choisi le f 35 à pour remplacer les f16 le rafale français n'a aucune chance dans les pays de l'OTAN et pro américain
- F-15 E the real bald eagle
- although the f15 Silent Eagle has emerged , would still love to see the Agile Eagle / Active Eagle / SMTD Eagle flying
- Israel has " NO SHIT " piiots , they have to be , great American Proxies they are , they're great pilots , among the best .
Their engagement was more like the USA f15s in a vietnamese situation , although doubtedly are Syrian pilots anywhere are good as Vietnamese , or Koreans notheless, a good proxy fight f15 vs Mig 21 Fishbeds