Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle Hunting and Shooting Down SU-35
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- 0:57 LMAO R.I.P. F-15 )))
- Another scenario from USA that belongs most in imagination...!! And I ask... Where is F22 and F35?? Ohh I forgot, its for special occasions!! :)
- Your a fucking idiot.
- what game is this?
- This is joke. I just look up the unit cost of this plane and it's a 100 million for a retrofit where as the PAK T50 cost half as much as more suited to the stealth role. Also, make it DIFFICULT for enemies to detect not IMPOSSIBLE, and once it opens the weapon compartment it will become as clear as day on radar just like an F22.

PS. those were Su27s not SU35s.
- fuck f-15
- this video is insulting to the SU 35, they would have easily evaded those missiles, not fly straight into them like idiots.
- Lol the same shitty USA propaganda
- very funny f 35 not match SU 30mki pppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
- USA & Boing...Are you crazy?!
- 555555555555 what the fuck...Boing???
- War propaganda against Russia? Seriously? Still? Wake up USA.
- OMG it looks so.... retarded. Looks like a Taiwanese video
- When did this dogfight occur? Why there was no news of F-15s shooting down SU-35s? That was quite an incident. I wonder why Russians kept quiet about it. Probably they were ashamed of their "super" jet being destroyed by F-15. And by the way great footage of the incident..
- Su-35S have Radar Irbis-E with a Range of 400 km plus and BVR Misil with range up to 400 km vympel R-37
- funny how Russian Trolls say an F-15 Silent Eagle can't kill any SU-35 even though the F-15 SE was a test plane but the PAK FA will absolutely destroy the F-22 even though the PAK FA is only a Test Plane and hasn't even yet had any weapons on it... and when they finally build PAK FA's they are going to build a full 12... WOW 12!!!! compared to 180 F-22's but somehow the 12 PAK FA"s and 34 SU-35's are going to absolutely destroy nearly 3 times as many F-22's... that's if the PAK FA's all 12 of them even end up being used as combat aircraft. Instead of airshow planes for propaganda.
- It does not matter what any of us say.Only matters what is.What is, is The F-15 Eagle is and always will be one of the biggest threat to any plane in the sky.Probably the most advanced threat the F-15 will encounter is the SU-35E, Sure there are more advanced threats being built I suppose , technology moves as fast as some of these jets however those threats are going to be very expensive, so expensive in fact there would not be that many of them , the F-15 can hang with any of them , you know it , I know it and everyone knows it  . . . they simply refuse to admit it
- bullshit US propagande!..SAM old soviet system have shot downed this "sophisticate" aircraft!..I remember 1 israeli F-15 by mig 25 foxtbat over golan heights... 2 F-15 during first gulf war..another during Irak invasion over tikrit...1 saudi F-15 shot down in Yemen by Tor m1 russian SAM..1 US F-15 during first attack vs Lybian forces in Bengasi by SA-8 gecko!...i have doubt if one F-15 was in fact shot down by iraqui mig 29 instead SAM..amd one F-15 that was manage to land in pristina during serbian war was in fact damage by AA archer air to air missile in a dogfight vs Serbian mig 29!...
- They should give it 3d thrust vectoring engines for extra maneuverability in dogfight.