Boeing F 18 Super Hornet VS Lockheed Martin F 35 Lightning II - Why choosing one or the other?
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- How much stealth is really needed. With the ever developing radar and other detection technology, how effective will the F-35's stealth capabilities actually be? Australia has the right idea. Canada, as in the past will buy whatever the US tells them to buy.
- Stealth on the JSF is out of the picture the moment you have to attach external load like fuel or weaponry - which you will have to do because her internal space does not allow larger fuel capacity and/or payload. So basically, her stealth capabilities exist on paper.
- f18 iyiyse amk biz niye daha fazla verip f35 alıyoz amk
- Thank Christ the Aussie gov got more F18's. The RAAF is a small operator compared to the USA and all we really have is one good aircraft that has to serve all roles and do them well. F18 is tried and proven.
- Tierd of hearing stealth Propaganda.
Stealth is Russian. Petr Ufimtsev
- The two planes actually have very similar performance for all the people hating on the F-35. The F-18 has the benefit of being an aircraft carrier variant that is very cheap, compared to the F-35C which is the least produced variant and quite expensive.
- buttttt...... the F-35 cost less then the F-22? is this a bash campaign from Lockheed in order to kill the competition??
- I'm no expert, but it seems to me that range is important when flying from a carrier. You want to be able to get as far away from the ship to attack, or defend, as possible without relying on refueling from a tanker plane which could be very vulnerable to long range missile attack. And you want to be able to maintain a continuous patrol far from the ship. That would be tough with a jet that can't stay airborne long.
- What about the "Advanced" Super Hornet???? Is that plane viable???? Is it ready for production???? I heard that it has some "stealth characteristics".
- The Super Hornet is a great aircraft, but it's not a stealth fighter, nor is it a 5th generation fighter. The F-35 program certainly has it's problems, but the comparisons being made aren't even remotely relevant.
Simple question, what's the radar cross section of the F-18 vs F-35?
What was the development cost of the F-18 (adjusted over 30 years) and what's the expected post development production cost of the F-35.
The arguments presented in this article may have some merit, but the information is clearly manipulated to be utterly one sided.
- This is all outdated info. Was never accurate to begin with... But even more false now.
- The F-35 concept is destroying the UK, US, and Canadian governments. Boeing is one of few saving graces we have in this oligarchy government of ours.
- These things are great they can practically take off from a row boat every ship could have 1 on it. Park them on top of buildings and small clearings in the mountains. Awesome home defense.Being able to shoot someone down behind you with 360 degree targeting is not a bad thing to have either.
- What worries me about the F35 is the incredible cost of maintaining it. My Country the UK have committed to buying the F35B which is the most complicated of the lot. I would have purchased the F35A for the Airforce and just bought enough F35B for are two new Queen Elizabeth class Carriers. But to buy F35B's for both forces is incredible naive because they lack the range of the other two F35 variants and are more expensive to look after. The U.K. cannot back out because we have committed billions of pounds on the two carriers designed for a plane like the F35B, I don't think they can take any other type of plane. Scary stuff.
- The battle of the salesmen
- the super hornetE maybe the best all around fighter in history, high numbers high kill, F35 will eventually prove itself over the hornet and euro and russian fighters can only try and keep up let the whining begin, russian su is for show nice plane but will never when a war never can make enough let alone maintain, if Russian or Euro or Chinese had the best fighters than they would be the number 1 super power and own the sky but they dont so that alone is proof of american technology owning this planet, all planes have bugs all have better strenth in certain areas but that damn super hornet is an all around boss but the typhoon is a killer f35 is a killer the su is a killer but the hornet is a mass murderer.
- What a waste. Children in Africa could have eaten those airplanes.
- I think the F-18 is a fine fourth generation fighter. It just isn't good enough to maintain air supremacy for the next half century. What detractors don't understand is the F-35 is more than an aircraft. It is the 'fittest' plane, chosen by truly great aviation specialists. They have fixed every problem except the price. They may be able to do something about that too. The most effective software has not even been loaded yet. They are progressing steadily, surely, towards greatness.
- Why would any country buy the F-35 when the U.S. refuses to supply the source codes for the computers? That`s like saying "Pleas buy our plane. It`s the best in the world. Oh by the way, you get to own it but we get to control it. I hope Canada`s new Prime Minister sticks to his guns and kills the F-35 off for good.