Bugatti Veyron Vs Euro Fighter Typhoon: Drag Race (HQ) - Top Gear - BBC
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Puls Med – lekarze
- no one can blame the man driving unless your a race car driver yourself, for one the car cannot go 300mph as bugatti would like to claim, for two its gas tank only lasts 4 minutes with the pedal to the metal, and three its not ever going to in this day and age beat a Euro Fighter Typhoon, the year 2016 and the car can only go 260 or less
- Over 1,500Mph AT Full Speed Damn,
The Euro Fighter Is Fast We'll Have Bloodhound 2 That'll Beat it.
- this was awesome but i was really hoping for Bugatti to win. if u watch top gear this wasn't really done at 2014, it was done at 2005
- I hope I'm not the only one who wants to the the Venom GT, One:1, The Veyron SS and next Bugatti go against the RAF. I think that would be pretty badass! If a care could even get close to the fighter jet that would be amazing.
- 7:18! Definitely the coolest part
One day later: Must say that 6:15 qualifies as well..:)
- çok gzeldi aa siz ne yaptınızı sandınız bugatti veyron o kadar hızlı olmazki haaa eğer baya yani en büyük ve uzun yol olsa jet geçer yani en iyi si o jettten hızlısı olmaz
- top gear er gerne
- Try FZR 2000 !! ..... If you know what I mean !! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- 5:40 That rabbit !!
- 480p?!?!? great quality! sarcasm
- Это они хуй с пальцем сравнивали?
- 0-100 in 5.7 seconds they should've got a laborghe veneno it goes 0-100 in 2.8 TWICE AS FAST
- Spoiler alert

John cena wins
- The worst
- No match!
- the typhoon can't go to its maximum speed as the pilot would suffer from bad g-force
- ooo Richard is going down 😒
- L
- usa is better
- the "race" starts at 5:50 -.-