Building the F-35 Full Documentary
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- Ahahah you know what the X-32 looks like? A fatass american with a tommy gun on its fat hands. 56:46
- How Boeing didn't notice that their design sucks? And in the case of the F-35 it's just very badly designed not in terms of style but in terms of aerodynamics.
- "The Department of Offence"
- Per the latest report from the Pentagon, unclassified, common knowledge, available throughout the world, the Block 2B version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which the Marine Corps declared operational in July last year, is not capable of unsupported combat against any serious threat. In a 48-page annual project report to be published shortly, the DOT&E states that “the F-35B Block 2B aircraft would need to avoid threat engagement… in an opposed combat scenario, and would require augmentation by other friendly forces.” Most of the same limitations will apply to the U.S. Air Force’s initial operational capability (IOC) version, the F-35A Block 3i. “Since no capabilities were added to Block 3i, only limited corrections to deficiencies, the combat capability of the initial operational Block 3i units will not be noticeably different.” The F-35 failed 11 out of 12 Weapons Delivery Accuracy (WDA) tests with no fixes, only work arounds in the immediate future. The problem is that rather than preparing the F-35 for combat, Lockheed focused on contract weapons compliance. That does not work in the real world. The F-35 program leadership altered tests to achieve a “kill” – for example, by restricting target maneuvers and countermeasures. Heating issues were identified several years ago, but were said to have been addressed with a more efficient fuel pump and other changes: the F-35 uses the fuel as a heat sink to cool the airframe interior and systems, but runs short of cooling capacity under some circumstances. When Air Force operators at Luke AFB, Arizona, announced in December 2014 that they had painted fuel trucks white to reduce the heating problem, the program office stated: “This is not an F-35 issue. There are no special restrictions on the F-35 related to fuel temperature.” All F-35s are currently subject to g restrictions with full internal fuel. This is due to a problem where air enters a siphon fuel line and causes pressure in an associated tank to exceed limits. Specific technical problems continue to impose speed and maneuver limitations on the F-35, the report says. The weapon bay temperatures exceed limits during ground operations on days warmer than 90-deg. F, and at high speeds below 25,000 feet, if the weapon bays are closed for more than 10 min. (The F-35 is not stealthy with the doors open.) On the F-35A, the time limit is applied at speeds from 500 to 600 kts, depending on altitude. Overall, the report says, “the rate of deficiency correction has not kept pace with the discovery rate” – that is, problems are being found in tests faster than they can be solved. “Well-known, significant problems” include the defective Autonomic Logistics Information System, unstable avionics and persistent aircraft and engine reliability and maintainability issues. Combined with poor aircraft availability, this record leads the Pentagon to conclude that the program cannot speed up flight testing enough to deliver Block 3F – the IOC standard for the Navy and export customers and the exit criterion for the systems development and demonstration (SDD) phase – on schedule. Block 3F developmental flight testing started 11 months late, in March 2015. The planned 48 WDAs in Block 3F – most of them more complex and challenging than the Block 2B weapons tests – cannot be accomplished by the May 2017 schedule date “unless the program is able to significantly increase their historic completion rate.” Moreover, the Pentagon predicts, the fleet of production-representative, instrumented aircraft required for initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) – the service-led testing that follows SDD and precedes the declaration of operational capability – will not be ready before August 2017. The IOT&E force will then use these for “spin-up” and training before IOT&E starts, which the Pentagon does not now expect to happen before August 2018. An essential element of initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) is a high-fidelity simulation of threats and scenarios too complex to be addressed in live testing. The Pentagon has been warning for several years that the program’s own Verification Simulation (VSim) subsystem was flawed and behind schedule. In August 2015, in an unannounced move, VSim was cancelled outright (after $250 million in added investment from 2010 onwards) and will be replaced by a government-led Joint Simulation Environment. But this will not be ready in time for IOT&E, so testers will either have to skip those scenarios or add costly and time-consuming live tests to the program.
- Wonder how it´s peforming compared to Russian T-50
- Do not throw the prints out Boeing the way things are going they might just get used.
- mustached man from Boeing "Well I see a future contract"! OH How i bet he wish he hadn't tempted fate, and looked so silly! having said that, perhaps the Boeing entrant, although looking like a badly disfigured Basking Shark, may have been the better jet, it certainly couldn't be any worse or cost as much as what is presently being sold as the best in the world i.e. the F35!
- Believe it or not. The JSF's method of vertical take off was copied from the Russian Yak 141
- Drop the F-35, Restart the F-22 and revamp its capabilities to have vertical flight. problem solved!
- Americas obsession with the F-35 is starting to make me think of Hitlers obsession with wonder weapons at the end of WW2.
- This isn't even about the JSF specifically, but in regards to all massive technological projects that we take on.  It's crazy to think about how long it takes to complete a project this large.   By the time you finish, the technology might be 20 years old and the reason for building it no longer exists.
- Great documentary. The f-35 is a beautiful plane and someday it will fulfill most of the expectations asked of it (within reason). Yes the tax payers got raked over the coals plus so far the f-35 is failing to meet expectations but, the concept and specifications says it will be a great replacement for some combat jets (mainly the harrier jump jet). Combat will prove the anti-USA types and anti-f-35 types wrong or right. I say it will perform well when the time arises for it too. I will miss the f-15 a-c, f-16, a-10, but not the harrier. For y'all haters and debaters, use critical thinking skills to assess the project as a whole not just propaganda power points. God Bless the USA!
- ill keep it simple and say this the people you see on this documentary that say the jet is great awesome extra. They are lying and full of shit and only saying it because 1 they have a big steak in the program and it would cost them there career in the military. #2 There being told to say that the plane is the best ever or it may cost them their career in the military or a promotion in rank. The F 35 is a fying turd💩💩 and is the Biggest mistake the US gov have ever made. This Documentary said at the beginning the F35 program is estimated to cost 2 billion. Not anymore the program is way past the 2 billion mark already. The Navy version the F35C cost $336 million per plane. The Marine F35B is somewhere around $220 million and the Air Force F35A per plane is around $150 million per plane. That just cost of the air craft not maintenance and personnel. There's nothing wrong with the F15, 16 &18 if we just do like Boeing's trying to do right now and develop different applications to be fitted on those aircraft or updating. There's nothing wrong with what we got now. The gov abandons and shuts down the f-22 program because of cost of the program was way too much and we have 187 f22 jets befor they stope production and f22 ony cost $150 million per plane. the government wants to replace all the current f 15 18 and 16 with the f 35 they're going to be 10 fold the price of what the f-22 program would have been. it just don't make no fucking sense the gov is doing this to make someone we dont know about happy and make them a ton of money. I know there's going to be plenty of people on here is going to disagree but I don't give a shit look at the numbers and you tell me what you think then.
- You can,t ask for to much for $200 Billion.
- Rip off bunch off F22s silent and strike eagles and a10s couldve been bought and upgraded as a most expensive military project in history
- I mean f35 f22 is beast it only costed 64 billion to develop and acquisition, 300 f35s were 400 billion deep, thanks lockheed for destoying US to line ur pockets with US dollars 
- And these are so weak that China and Russia will repo America like nothing American aviations officially dead silent eagle would eat f22 pussy all day
- A Pentagon's Director of Operational Test and Evaluation report from July 2015, recently unclassified, now common knowledge, available throughout the world, contradicts the Marine Corps' assessment that its version of the F-35 was combat ready. "Aircraft reliability was poor enough that it was difficult for the Marines to keep more than two or three of the six embarked jets in a flyable status on any given day." According to the report, the six F-35B's used in the demonstration failed to achieve the number of required flight hours necessary to be declared to be combat ready, "did not - and could not - demonstrate that they were operationally effective or suitable for use in any type of limited combat operation, or that they were ready for real world operational deployments."
- Fucking plane pisses me the fuck off worthless garbage scam! Fucking raping US yall make me sick bitch y'all know its inferior than older planes
- Maybe the X-32 should be a bomber.