DCS World Racing - Supersonic Heavy Jet Race, MiG-31 versus Tu-22M, Tu-160
Odsłon: 11126
Czas trwania: 14m 55s
Ocena tzw. rating: 87
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- Where to download this game?
And here is running the bombers?
- The foxhound can go to mach 3 D:
- That was so cool! Please more races!! :D
- what pack are these planes in?i dont see them in steam
- Not gonna lie. I thought the MiG was gonna win this.
- oh man that is funny lol technical win))
- spoiler alert PLOT TWIST!!!
- Your vids are awesome bro make moree!
- What a great idea ! That is a lot of fun.
- That was pretty interesting. Wonder what would have happened if the MiG-31 took advantage of its obvious speed advantage at higher altitudes?  Really cool!  Thanks!  Two thumbs up!
- Epic Race, wouldnt have liked to bet on it!