DOCUMENTARY - SUKHOI Fighter Jet Aircrafts Family History - From Su-27 to PAK FA 50
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Czas trwania: 49m 1s
Ocena tzw. rating: 2001
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- It's not about which plane is better or worst it is about using your strenght against the weaknesses of the enemy
- I really like aircraft and tanks quality .....and then I look some cars
- It's funny how these kids talk shit about these planes when their experiences come from a fucking video game and not in real life. They get their infos from BS websites like Wikipedia and dares to say shit about something. Only say something when you actually flew this plane in real life, not in video games.
- kick Ass Fighter. Good Luck ! !! !
- PAK FA T 50 is the deadliest fighterjet the world has ever seen.
- I can clearly see that they use vodka instead of fuel
- even though t 50 is very high tech, isn't it kinda ugly?
- what an ASS at 4:13...would like to fuck her in a doggy style
- Music at 5:00 please...
- Debating on YouTube comments, is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.
Why cant people just enjoy these documentaries instead of trying to convince others who makes the best planes, cars, technology or shithouses for that matter.
- do u think that was on pupose.the made isil n support them for geopolitical reason, duh
- T.50 lovely work of art.
- The 50 gliding gracefully in th sky. 
- beautiful waste......
- As much as I love the SUKHOI and Typhoon as world class, unbeatable fighters, I also believe the relevant ministries of defence have far better armouries at their beck and call that we don't know about...............I bet the USA and my Government have top secret aircraft we could only dream about in production stages, to try and keep up with Russia
- I had a weird thought, i wonder if any fighter pilot has had the fright we car drivers get when a huge spider runs across the inside of your windscreen or across your hands on the steering wheel. Can't pull over and find it or wind the window down and flick it out
- I find fighter jets sexually attractive! do you ,is it normal to feel that way about fighter jets?
- 1:00 note the much hotter jet exhaust in an F-15/16 it's red whereas a modern Sukhoi engine burns blue hot and has higher compression
- Russia has done impressive things within the budgets they operate under. Compared to the bloated budgets of US air force

i like both, naturally being American, i can't hate on our planes. But I have long liked all Russian craft and sea vessels
- Why is the UK still buying the JSF-35, what a waste of British tax payers money.