Eighty-Nine Year Old Chuck Yeager • F-15 Eagle Honor Flight
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- i hope i will reach the age of 89 and will be only half as healthy like Chuck is.
- just another day at the office for a guy that's been doing it twice as long as anybody else
- Respect for Chuck Yeager:-)
- You would think that if they had this once in a lifetime moment they would have recorded more angles and recorded their conversation. Good video but that would have been a special conversation to look back on.
- How sweet to see this old icon's face light up as he pulls the helmet on. I heartily approve of spending taxpayer money to give Chuck a thrill.
- Too bad they didn't let Chuck pilot that jet and show the Major what it really could do.
- respect...
- goog to see that old chap is still up
- Gen. Yeager had 20/10 vision and could see a spec at 50 miles.
- A very nice video !! Thumbs up for the man and the aircraft
- I'm not an American but what a man you got to admire his achievements
- 58 people need to make a perfect landing . . . 20 ft below sea level
- This man is truely a legend. Thanks for sharing this cool video with us.
Greetings from Germany!
- One of the best pilots if not the best pilot to ever fly in America, General words alone will never be enough to thank you for your service to our country as well as the outstanding contributions you've made to the world of aviation, thanks for everything sir!
- Oh boy, it really reminds me his legendary F-104 ride, half a century ago, what a man!
- For you younger people that are not familiar with the name Chuck Yeager........At his time, he was the greatest jet pilot in the entire world. He was not selected for the NASA Astronaut program because they felt he was  little too old.
- Kudos :)
- a true hero
- In 1975-76 I went through the airplane course at Reedley College. It turned out one of my instructors, by the name of Locke knew the guy who ran the fuel service at FAT. I think his name was Kavorkian. Years prior K went to Edwards to meet his friend (first guy to fly 747 with the shuttle on top..McKurry(?). Friend asked K to come with him to the base hospital to visit his friend who had been hurt bad in an accident.. That person was Yeager. Over time Locke was taken to meet Yeager and he later promised to buzz the college. We were told the time and everyone wondered why we weren't in class. He almost blew the windows out of the place. Next day he came and gave us a talk. I shook his hand. I was 20 then. He came in a NASA F104. Years later when I was working at the Fresno ANG, I got to fuel his airplane up.. a 104. I later saw it parked at Moffet Field. Years after that I went to a restaurant called the Frankwood Inn which is on Hiway 180 out of Fresno on the way to Kings Canyon Nat Park. The owner was all excited because he had taken a picture of Yeager and some "Russian" pilot. It was Viktor Belenko.. the one who stole the MIG. I had missed them by half an hour. The owner displayed the photo along with a business card from Belenko which read, "Have MIG will travel".
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