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- I wish i could fly that thing. Traveling through the sky, playing in the clouds. Think about that how it so exciting to fly.
- Why does every British male sound like a goddam homosexual...? Shit, how do you dorks ever get laid?? Maybe brush your teeth first
- If you put British and German engineers together what do you expect the end result would be?  Obviously the best.
- well yeah its the spitfire of today, kinda.... but it doesnt sound and look as awesome for sure.
- what program is this? it's clearly james may though
- i am so pissed we aussies have bought 100 f-35 lightning 2 from lockhead fucking yankie shit i would rather of bought this
- ok but my question is , whys there two seats instead of one ??? 
- you can tell it's a british pilot. had it been an american, james would have puked and blacked out at least twice. assholes.
- Much better than the F35, but can it compete with the SU 35 or 37?
- the typhoon is a good aircraft, no more 5th gen fighter spam, of course typhoon can't duel with F22 one on one, but it is one of the most advanced 4th gen fighter in the world, that's why we call it 4.5 generation. And don't say with how many years later, the typhoon would out of date, yeah, the 5th gen fighter will take over it, but how soon? Now the US is suffering 5th gen fighter problem, their wasn't a period such few aircraft been planned and produced, and with so many problem. just like F35. Even though russia and china prob some other country are developing 5th gen fighter, but it can't be sooner than 2020