eurofighter nearly crashes
Odsłon: 1308724
Czas trwania: 1m 48s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1303
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- Under computer control or not. If that happened during an airshow, the pilot
would be told to terminate their display and land immediately.
- he survived because of wing in ground effect, very lucky
- its not possible to ground this aircraft due to the fly by wire takeover. it will not allow you to cut a loop too low. anyone can do this in this aircraft.
- Skip Stewart roules the Jäger 90
- This Pilot is awful, needs to hand his license back in and take a hard look at himself.
- Еврофайтер Тайфун, ещё чуть чуть и всё...:(
- I think the pilot will need a new set of ear drums after he had had a good talking too.
- Pilot needs new underwear after that :D
- it was made on purpose man.. lmao
- No more a near crash than flying in the air( if you pardon the pun), that is what Typhoons can do
- I've got to go with what camer81 said.. It has an on computer which kicked the thrusts in at just the right time the pilot controls it mostly but if he's off slightly the computer will correct it. That's what I think. If I me wrong I'll google it and check it out. Great jet and very maneuverable and some moves are controlled by the computer as they're too unstable for the pilot alone. So over all. This jet kicks ass. 👽
- computer caught it....
- Fantastic
- theres a perfect example of why most air craft crashes are human error
- That was meant...
- @,what can you fly then? wanker
- Pilot pulled up so early just right after a split-s and there was not enough airspeed during a dive plus the weight of the jet...he almost pissed his g-suit pants. lol!
- That was too close for comfort!!! Nice flying though.
- This wasn't during testing, this was RIAT on a Saturday. I saw it happen.
- He was intending to down that manuever called a fly by