Eurofighter typhoon - Amazing takeoffs!
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- Were you using a police scanner for the chat if so what make and model were you using
- F-22 is the best !!!!!
- what a fantastic way to spend some tax payers money!   Stunning aircraft.  Truely professional pilots. The onboard computers didn't plan or fly those circuits that was pure skill. 
- F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon is better dogfighter.
- Compare F16
- Awesome Jim I knew it could only be you lol 
- best dogfighter and the second best fighter after the f22 raptor!
- that last bit was awesome
- Isn't is amazing that after 40 or so years the designers have gone back to the original shape(closely) of the FD-2 another plane designed in the U.K way ahead of its time.
- rafale <3
- seen two display of this great aircraft at the RAF air tatto 2014. Can't wait to see them display at the Bristol balloon festival in august.
- Was was the first plane flying around for minutes with his wheels droped ? :) woups.
- I hope those boys are getting some good combat training. With the way eastern Europe is going, they are going to need it....
- What airport is that jim
- Have no doubt somebody has already stated this, but when he shoots down 06 coming back into Edinburgh that manoeuvre is called a 'run and break' :)
- Fantastic fighter!
- BLOODHOUND SCC (fastest car) VS EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON (this plane)
- We got one of them over in the UK they are loud as FUCK plus its amazing how they have to be flown by 7 computers and backups for all of the computers because it is aero dynamically incorrect technical it shouldn't be able to fly
- I believe, that 2025 most of our aerial fighting force are unmanned UAV's.
America is leading the way with its Predator and some other planes. Europe is catching up with Neuron and Mantis programmes. Germans have its own secret program as have Sweden too.
- Were getting like the US show offs lol