Eurofighter Typhoon extrem Dogfight
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- i do love extrem dogfights
- why this is the best plane we have had for years wy wy wy  waist any more money on any more planes
- Airpower in Zeltweg! Very nice vid, I was there
- Who inventet the Eurofighter Typhoon?
- I'm always hearing and reading about how good are the Russians fighters and their thrust vectoring.
The problem is that some manaeuvers with thrust vectoring the pilot can't take it.Its too much G's.
Not too mention that russian pilots often disable the G load limit.
In shows the often end smashing their faces in the ground and on the audience.
You cannot fuck with gravity
- nice jets to shoot down
- F-22 und Eurofighter alles andere ist unbrauchbarer ANTIKER KOMUNISTEN SCHROTT
- cool, cool and more cool. Thank you.
- I hope the don´t have "WINDOWS" on the computers on board...... Huhhhh! ;-)
- this is music
- Boring. I was hoping to see a crash. Thumbs down.
- Rafale stay the best
- I wonder why they called it a typhoon when the original was an unsafe failure of an airframe? Why not tempest?
- Not so very good news for the Euro and maybe even the Rafale against what suppose to be their strength.
Airshow is just that. AIRSHOW PLANES. fighter_And_Rafale_#.VcUOxflVhBc
- Nice video, but where was the dogfight ??????
- im in biggin hill.these are due tomorrow for festival of flight,arrows have already arrived.
- Where was the dogfight?Never mind the extreme dogfight!
- I pretty much had this in my back garden yesterday. 2 RAF Typhoons dogfighting in a  space of air about 200/300m turning very tightly and with reheat on which surprised me as i would think that would push you wider , though thinking about it now im sure i saw only one engine with reheat flame so maybe if the 'outside' engine is on full power and the inside one on less it might make a tighter turn. im only guessing here so i maybe total wrong about that. Best free show ive ever had and it was a as loud and about the same hight as this , bloody brilliant.
- you all talk shit.bunch of fucking gimps.if the rafale  was so fucking good it would have sold more fuck the russian crap we know that what they bring will break down and why do you lot assume the RAF dont know what there doing?
- thanks for uploading and sharing, great video!