Eurofighter Typhoon - Extreme Demonstration of maneuverability
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- 90% offended Russians, 10% offended Mericans, in every frikken video about the Eurofighter Typhoon. Why don't you use some healing cream to cure your hurt anuses .... ? :)
- Why Not
- wtf, my grandma can do that! what was that? its that a toy??
- I would like to see the results of a simulated dogfight between the MiG-35 and Eurofighter Typhoon. They both have great maneuverability and speed.
- Eurofighter Typhoon should come perform here in the states ! :D
- What a beautiful machine that is.
- Great video, apart from the cheese music. You promised better! Otherwise I enjoyed it!
- These things are fucking insane. Watched one at an airshow a few months back and I can't believe how silent it was, until it's literally right on top of you.

Also, can you boring fucks in the comments put your patriotic dicks away and just embrace the cool technology? One day none of your inter-continental bullshit will matter.
- It is sade that GB didnt build it alone. They ask Germany to build the commande systeme, a country wich hasnt build a plane since the WW2, one wing is build in Italy, the other one in Britain. Now they have a lot of problems. They should have follow Dasault.
- it's called extrema maneuverability!!1 su30 and 35 are crying...
- That pilot must have at least 1000 flight hours on his tally. He makes that all look so easy. The Typhoon looks good in those hands.
- amazing defence ability
- A very very good figther !
- Wow man
- f 22 is better than eurofighter
- one
- the eurofIghter beats the rafale anytIme
- This is just a runaway and side-rolls; check out what F-22 and Sukhoi planes can do if you like to see aerodynamic beauty.
- Any Sukhoi over the Su 27 can make these maneuvers easily ! i don´t belive Airbus that the EF 2000 is the most maneuverbilitys Aircraft ! No that´s the Su 37 Terminator !
- that's incredible