Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 BAE Systems
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- That jet is totally awesome. The take off is smooth and the vertical flip that move is insane but that is cool!
- Thank you for not adding a soundtrack to this. Why people do this is beyond me. It's usually thrash metal or some other similar crap that nobody except the uploader wants to hear.
- Give it a name!

More propaganda from Airbus and the MoD. Give the jet a ground attack Blue Peter Badge and it will convince the enemy, er sorry, I mean the customers that it can drop bombs.....

About time Britain cast aside this piece of European political junk and started to use F-35. Britain has missed out on so many great American fighters just to purchase a handful of these over expensive, limited number, half cocked, 1980's Spitfires.
- with pure engine sound, feel like at live show....
- How many G's can that thing withstand on a tight turn like that
- PORN!! at its finest
- That is sooooo amazing! Love it when the engines get turned off and turned back on again
- Germans & English knew what they were doing in designing this magnificent Fighter Jet. Typhoon can out-climb, out-turn and out-run F35 and F22 any day.
- I live about 2 Miles from BAe's Warton airfield. EF's are quite common. Yesterday my wife called me out of the garage 'Hey come and look at this!' she shouted. I ran out to see the Lancaster Bomber 'LC' flying overhead - now that was fair bounty indeed. It was so low we could, almost, count the rivets - who cares about the Raptor, Rafael or the EF. Some years ago a 'Swordfish' passed overhead - wow! who needs to go to an airshow?
- Phenomenal plane. Like.
- got bored at 3:11 Less is more.........
- I hope you are watching Argentina!