Eurofighter - Typhoon Fighter Aircraft
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- the true reason why france left the program was because they did not agree on the aircraft's weight cause they needed a navalized version for their carrier also they wanted separate air intakes cause in case of an engine fire it could easily spread into the other engine it had nothing to do with who was leading the program
- Who the fuck put a clock like this in the butten of the movie,, fucking idiot..
- If it is so good, why don't Europeans buy European jets ? Although there is no real threat to Europeans but everybody else is buying domestic made jets if possible...only Europeans buy American stuff. Whats the reason ?
- Love this type of documentary, informative and unbiased. So much prefer these to the modern crap coming from the likes of the History and Discovery channels which are simply dumbed down propaganda pieces with a bit of rock music. Even the narrators just sound dumb.
- So... Anyone that's owned european cars will know... Only the German components will be reliable. The British components will blow gaskets and have electrical problems. The Italian pieces... Well, they'll look great, but thats about it.
- I thought that the Swedish SAAB aircraft had some sort of role in this.
- all the NATO planes could be grounded very easy. it only takes an EMP to take out the computers. to much reliance on computers is bad. its why russia has kept all their old planes that dont need computers.
- I find this video so bias.
- Will you could go to airshow find out if F-35 good bad typhoons are cool jet
- 34:00 This is what I asked my self: Is it better two have only a few hightech aircrafts or a many second class jets ? It depends on the number of the second class fighters. If you have 10 times more second class jets and you attack you will win like the Russians in WW2 with T34 against King Tiger. This proves that not only the one with the best technology will win
- Incredible plane, too bad the euro fighter lacks stealth. I know anti USA types will bash stealth but ask yourself this: why is china and Russia making stealth aircraft? Why are many countries buying the f-35? And do you know anything about wave bands and rcs? For now stealth works. I wonder if we will ever see the eurofighter in combat like the f-22, rafale, and almost all gen 4 combat aircraft have? One again, great fighter jet the eurofighter is!
- that euro fighter is pushed by US to transfer the cost of suppressing Russians to EU , Germany is not afraid of russians cuz they are partners , thats why Germany wanted to drop out of the project , UK like always goes as US says, but Germany also quickly changed its plans when mister SAM showed up and said build this plane OR! Somehow i doubt germans put in to t everything they got :) i might be wrong but i dont expect that plane to go in to history as a success
- eurofighter deals where a giant scam in every country involved.
- Power is the disease. Care is the Cure. Join the Care Culture today.
- 8 countries have now purchased the Eurofighter with the latest order from Kuwait.. 599 units ordered to date, dwarfing any of the latest fighter production barring the F35 JSF.. You'd need to pool the orders for the Rafale, Gripen & SU35 together to get near the numbers of Eurofighter's being built.
- Rafale is better...
- The plane was in the cheapest things while everything around aircraft what rising prices !?
- Even to this day the Mig-29 Fulcrum is a beauty!! One of my top 5 aircraft!!
- Regarding the f35 ask the man who flies one
- 26:24 Russian flight school. haaaaa, haaaaah !!!