Eurofighter Typhoon - "Performance" takeoff
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- This is by far the best fighter aircraft to date. Only thing that could match it in combat capabilities is the Russian Mig-35
- Of course, what we'll never see on YouTube is actual combat footage of the Europhoon in action. Just air show footage and trips through the Mach Loop. It's all this aircraft ever does. Sheer waste of resources for the tax payer.
- this is why we should scrap f-35 on aircraft carriers and get these in stead of wasting billions of pounds on f-35s
- Note that all RAF pilots hold the Queen's Commission.
- ???
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- Incredible pant wettingly amazing 👍
- Good news all round today. 2 aircraft carriers, packed full of F-35 by 2023.RAF also to get F-35 later in the next decade.
Goodbye Eurofighter. It wasn't a pleasure. It was a European driven waste of time and money.
- Royal Air Force > Russian Air Force > US Air Force
- 00:27 ?
- Ye know! If ye have no idea how to use a camera dont fckn post it!
- Everyone wanking here over which is better f-22 or Eurofighter, while in reality SU35 blows them both away.
- Lol I don't get why people are comparing this to the F35... I'm only standing up for it because 1. You retards really think we'd send a F35 to a dogfight? Moron, it'd be the F18 and F22 we would send. The F35 is meant for ground attack and hovering vehicles like choppers and harriers. And also, you shouldn't compare this to the F22 because Im gonna be honest, it's bigger, badder and sure it hasn't been tested in battle or anything yet but why don't you look at how the F18 super hornet, and multiply it by 3 times the stealth, performance, and fighting skills and you got a F22, not really 3 times but you get what I mean. You can stand up for your country and be patriotic but at least get a degree in aero engineering before you judge. 
- likes this!!!!
- hahahaha funny how the flankers from India kick your ass on red flag and when they came to visit us we smashed them with the typhoon or eufi as its known  and muppptrolef if we knew what we are doing then we would rule the world!!!
- the Netherlands should have bought eurofighters instead of shit f-35's
- This is my last comment I just saw a typhoon crash out my window IM NOT EVEN JOKING
- I went to night flying at coningsby last week and the typhoon did a perfomance and the, osprey went over and I said omg because it was so loud and my mum pooped her pants lol just jk AHHAHAHhHahHa
- +Typhoon hype