Eurofighter Typhoon Pride of the NATO alliance
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- this is not Luke su-30
- su 35 is not easy to terminate.
- Typhoon fucks F-22 in dogfight
- this plane is a big shit like f22 and f35 .
- colonel honorory ben ahmed samir daoudi nejm CCP: 206/89N - n:CIN: J 275691 LES AMICALES Agadir marrocco
- estoy viviendo en  el barrio Rojo alemania
- Winner Lable.....Won911Won       17000000 will I Take  down on backup 100%
- Eurofighter = Best.
- ,,, cm MV. muy ama sd
- Pride of my arse ! it doesnt even work yet ! not finished yet! not eable to fight yet! and it cant even land on an aircraftcarrier!!! Rafale is way better !
- Eurofighter Typhoon Shame* of the NATO alliance
- Nothing matters when it comes to combat if all the variables are not in order 
The very best most lethal killer in the sky has always been the combination of Canadian Pilot in USA Fighters
- The Euro is no match for the F22  
As ex military I served 4 years CFB Cold Lake I know my fighters and have talked with many pilots and they ALL want the F22 as their fighter of choice
- They should have bought the Rafale !
- у су 33 ракеты до 350 км дальность емумненадоттак близко подлетать так что сказка тут показана
- Nice
- too much misunderstanding with industrial design....anyway it could be a second choise after the Rafale which is better in all areas.
- I thought the 90's ad for Nissan 300zx TT was lame. This took the cake.
- your tax dollars at work. making movies. propaganda.
- This is like one of these bad B-Movies !