Eurofighter Typhoon - Protecting the skies
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Czas trwania: 2m 46s
Ocena tzw. rating: 141
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- Nice
- Now QRA Kuwait aswell!

599 Eurofighters ordered so far with a further potential order from Saudi Arabia, not to mention strong interest from Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, UAE, Vietnam & Malaysia. With an opportunity to re-tender for Indias fighter requirements, things are looking bright for the Eurofighter consortium future sales, with over 700 total units a very achievable target.. All of the enhancements, including the new aerodynamic package, makes this the number 1 fighter currently on the market, export sales reflect this.. Which Middle Eastern country wouldn't want an advanced multi role fighter that will be able to fire the Brimstone missile at those dirty isis rats on their doorstep?
- At one part of the video, when the eurofighter typhoon and the f22 were in the same picture was awesome :DDD the two best fighter aircraft next to each other
- QRA in the UK with Paveway IV? :-)  Are the russians towing their aircraft by road? :-)
- Bestial