Odsłon: 36039
Czas trwania: 8m 51s
Ocena tzw. rating: 101
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- И это все на что он способен? ) Ему и минуты не удержаться против SU-35
- A splendid display, I have yet to see any Eastern fighters compare to the agility of the Eurofighter. the Eurofighters pitch rates are extremely high and it's agility is unremarkable. The Su-27 can't match this, and the Eurofighter gets extra points for no venturi tunnels like the Su-27, This however, is a unstable design which is perfect as it is one of the most unstable aircraft designs making it extremely agile combined with it's high T/W ratio. the problem is, it tends to lose energy quite fast...but it makes up for it with a fast turn and good acceleration to make up after a high G maneuver, but I don't know about it's T/W or sustained performance.
- it wasnt the best of weather for a good film shoot either
sodamit the camera-man did a great job consdering
anyway they dont come much better than airshowdivision
be gratefull ------
- F-35 is at 2014 farnbrough airshow
- Amazing Typhoon Fighter display! Excellent filming! I subbed!
- The Typhoon is the in your face type of fighter, it dominates the sky with its aggressiveness.