Eurofighter Typhoon vs F-35 Lightning II vs Sukhoi Su-30MKI
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- Lol ... F35 is 5th Gen ... and if F35 is compared with Su30MKI & EF, which are 4th Gen ... omg.
Don't forget the costs! You can build 2 Su for 1 EF and 3 Su for 1 F35 ...
- drop your panties f-35 and typhoon
su-30 mki is cuming sorry coming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- F-35 is the best bc it's American and since it is American it is armed with a crap ton of freedom and democracy.
- Su-30MKI the best
- I'm just glad that the British have both the eurofighter typhoon and the f-35 lol two outta three ain't bad as the famous old song goes 😎 let's be honest though comparisons for anything outside abit of fun is a waste of time, these aircraft are never going to come into conflict with each other, they're too damn expensive to ever risk in some local skirmish and NATO and Russia ain't never gonna come into conflict with each other, its always just been like watching two body builders poncing about in front of each other, all show no go, but thankfully if it did being British I'd be on the winning side, love Russia amazing people and culture but there's no way in heck they could ever hope to defeat the combined might of nato, and honestly I'm certain they have zero desire to do so anyway like I said just show boating from all sides, people prefer not killing people to killing people without good cause lol
- Su-30 vs Tuphoon 12-0 ))
- Who won?????
- Boring drivel.
- Korea should cancel F35 order. It will be one of most expensive mistake by Korean government. President Park definitely doesn't have a brain of her father to convince the US transfer F35 fighter technology to S Korea. If the US government doesn't want to transfer technology then S Korea should purchase and build Eurofighter in Korea with transfer of technology or work with Boeing to upgrade further for Silent Eagle for F15 program. F35 started from Russian YAK fighter program. F35 isn't really a good ground strike or good interceptor over F15 because F35 gave up lot of advantages for stealth but stealth is really a US strategy. Electronic warfare measures can have same effect as stealth technology and that is why Israeli are focusing on electronic warfare and radar technology. Korean DAPA selecting F35 was heavily influenced by Japan selecting F35 but it's a wrong fighter for Korea. It has too many things that can go wrong with unproven in war and costs more for no real benefit to Korea because the US isn't willing to transfer its technology. Also the US expect Korean F35 to go thru maintenance in Japan and support their industry which is double crappy whammy for Korea. She should been better prepared before visiting the US asking for F35 tech transfer when she decided to take invitation by China for their military parade and not accepting THAAD missiles from the US. In long run, Korea is better off working with European powerhouse in aerospace like France and UK for the future and invest and share technology with them since we already have good relationship and has free trade agreement together. Now S Korea is facing same problem France faced during 60's to be part of the US or go solo to stand on its feet.


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- I enjoyed watching the stats, but did not see the "VS" part. The su-30mki should be the most maneuverable, but currently (2015) the f-35 has the most advanced electronics. In all out air war, the typhoon and su-30mki would announce the f-35 arrival by blowing up.
- su-30mki
- mainly Russian, but after the Indian touch(HAL) it has become fiercer and invincible aircraft in the world. Mainly used by Indian Air Force...
- dhana k0
- minute 5:59 is that indonesian airforce sukhoi su-30 mki?
- sukhoi Su-30MKI the best fighter in the Wold
- Su is definitely the prettiest girl in the bunch.
- ini perbandingan jet mutakhir zaman ini... monggo dilihat dulu #BHISS