Eurofighter vs. Gripen vs. Rafale vs. F16 vs. Mig 29 - World's Best Jet Fighter
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- It depends where, what or why the fighter is to be used. In my case in Greece we have many islands and the supposed enemy is exactly beside us and with four times the number of soldiers and systems. I believe that Grippen wich is J.A.S in translation is like we say multirole is a better solution than the F-16 block 52 plus as the F-16 viper we have. Our islands are like aircraft carriers, we have no aggressive configuration army, we are in a defensive formation, while Turkey is aggressive, so another reason above for grippen that fits anywhere and u find it in the air with only a few steps meters to take off has super maneuverer and carries the weapons needed. If now we were aggressive configuration the solution comes from Russian SUKHOI SU-? people say that the F-35 is best of the best , yes, but is not to confuse, f-35 is bomber and about he’s stealthy ability, it was right before the Russian put s-400 and s-500 in market, simple words, this anti-aircraft can see the “stealthy” f-35 and f-22. So if not Grippen we go direct to Rafael
- they are all useless when engaging technology beyond ours ask the iranians...
- Gripet beats Typhoon.
F16 beats Mig 29.
Gripet beats F16.

Single engine planes are more maneuverable.
Twin engine planes aren't so maneuverable, and are known for their engine failures during maneuvers or overloading operations.
- grinpen-ng is the better.
- f 16 rokkkkk
- All those fighters can not come up with Eurofighter.
- please, we all knew these planes can even catch up to Su-35S, the best 4th gen fighter for now, Gripens and F-16 aren't comparable because they are waaaay cheaper than others, so our comparable aircraft in 4th gen is MiG-29, Rafale, Typhoon, F-18, and F-15. seriously, F-15 hands down, nothing come close except MiG, but F-15 is combat proven, after MiG would be Rafale, then F-18, Typhoon is just crap

what? MiG are suppose to be lower? yeah, until you see the capabilities of that friggin jet, and that was supposed to be F-16's equivalent, now imagine Su-27's capability, it carries more missile, longer combat radius, better than MiG-29 overall, and I think MiG is enough problem for F-15, too bad no combat proven yet(I think), Su-35 is the latest upgrade to Su-37 to make it even more maneuverable and deadly.... damn Russkies are crazy

F-16 and Gripen has it own area, they are more affordable than all of the above, but they also have lower capabilities than above, F-16 could've been the winner, but comparing the tech advantages Gripen has, more diverse range of armament for Gripen, it's silly to think F-16 is more capable than Gripen, Gripen is cheaper too

What now? world's best fighter? none, it all depends on the pilot, but the one offer more advantage is of course Su-35S, but if you are developing a country, pick Gripen please, you can use that as a makeshift spyplane/QAS(Quick Air Support) inside your nation's border, if you think you are rich enough to buy F-15, buy the F-15 ACTIVE variant, or F-15SE Silent Eagle
- Worlds best Jet Fighters. The Eurofighter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
- Rafale is far better
- At 2.01 ¨ is this a Eurofighter or JAS , looks like a russian fighter but maybe im wrong .
- Although I'm British, I love the rafale and gripen
- Hey.....can someone tell me who is the winner? it the F16?
- who won
- One JAS 39 Griffin took out three F-22 in a dogfight at the Red Flag exercise. It's the best plane in close range dog fights. The radar is too weak for long range engagements but that issue will be solved in the JAS 39 Griffin NG (Next Generation). It's without question the best bang for the buck jet fighter.
- Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale are much more sophisticated than F16 or Mig29. They are also a little bit better than the Su27 Flanker, which is on the other hand better than the Mig29 or F16.
In an aerial battle 9 out of 10 times the plane with the better radar wins, period! So the first three are superior.
and by the way:
This F16 vs. F35 thing was a Dogfight. In a beyond visual range battle the F16 would be no match for the F35.
- I would say that the Euro fighter design is copied from gripen.
- I think the Eurofighter typhoon would dominate all of them in WVR because of its such high agility (9Gs) and high speed maneuvers. It will be able to wipe a large angle of attack faster than all of them and shoot them down. BVR may also be dominated after it METEORs and even if a target is stealth, it will still be able to track it on its radar due to extremely advanced infrared sensors so any stealth target would appear on its radar like a normal jet plane.
- What is the cheapest, most reliable, supply of spare parts, etc !?
- mig 29 best jet Fighter in the world
- Even tho i'm swedish and i like the gripen, i'm in love with the typhoon