Exercise Pitch Black takes off : Indonesian Sukhoi fighters on the spotlights - ABC News
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- indonesia buy su-35,indonesia waiting su-35
- New Zealand? Do they still have an air force?
- Indonesian do not have high technology but guirrella aand the enemy will die by bamboo...uhh long pain
- Fuck you orang albino
- Mulai deh komentar2 bernada kebencian & superiornya.. Malu-maluin..
- Australian think that F-18 is better than sukhoi SU-30, that bullshit, we know that F-18 and SU-30 are build for a dog fight and everybody knew that Sukhoi is the best fighter in a dog fight,...
- NKRI harga mati
- australia jancok
- you boys are allies it should be malaysia and china you should be challenging not each other peace from the philippines both of you are our allies too so chilll enjoy the video
- haha waiting for the Su-35
- Australian NAZI bring back Aborigin people land...you are not black LOL
- Like it or not People, Nations all over the world are friends, Haters gonna Hate!
now STFU about who is "Stronger" or "Better" or more "Advance"
- Jesus fucking christ, stop arguing about what's better. It's not about that, this whole thing is about all the nations working together as one force, not a competition between different countries.
- http://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp Check this out please Mr LordHello. Where's your position? Attack us if you dare, we aren't scared confrontation against you. Indonesia vs aussie, one by one. Remember we are also the champion of shooting tournament. Haha...it's very shame you loose in your own country. All our weapon are made in Indonesia. Long live Indonesia, long live Russia. Go to hell aussie!!!
- Look at all of the Indonesian comments supposedly claiming how much more advanced their nation's defence force is in compared to ours..Australia boasts one of the most advanced militaries in the world with some of the best equipment available today. Indonesia has 16 total Russian Sukhoi aircraft as well as hand me down F-16's from the United States. On the other hand, Australia has 70+ original Hornets and 24 Super Hornets (again, one of the best aircraft currently in service).

So please Indonesians, stop trying to suggest that you are capable of even touching us let alone destroying our entire air force.
- well that was politicly correct a ?
- You see in youtube, TOP 15 INDONESIAN ALLIES (BRICs) Economy (Brasil Russia India China South Africa) + MINT economy (Mexico Indonesia Nigeria Turkey). BRICS+MINT = The new world older and anti Dollar, ready to WW3
- Our defence cooperation with Australia is disgraceful. They are abusing Aborigin People
- Long live great Russia and republic Indonesia friendship <3 
- the best sukhoi from indonesia