Extreme low pass by Anatoly Kvochur – in a Sukhoi Su 30
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Ocena tzw. rating: 508

Zobacz i sam oceń czy warto skorzystać z lotniska.
- good performene for the SU 30
- really???
- This is what Heroes capable of. Russian Pilots are the Best Pilots I've ever seen. I'm NOT Russian, simply telling the Universal Truth. Utmost Respect To Anatoly Kvochur.
- legend..........! greetings from greece (I shit myself!)
- Haha awesome.... You can see it bouncing slightly on the pressure wave
- It is not a sukhoi 30
- god with balls
greetings from serbia brothers
- I saw invisible wheels on the asphalt :) Impreesive!
- but i think Lybia keeps the world record.
- mr badass :)  i love u #kvochur
- Big balls!
- I'm surprised he could stay off the ground with those massive balls weighing him down.
- +++++++++++++
- Wow great pilot, and great plane
- Could see the ground effect working on that airframe, mad stuff. Beautiful plane too.
- Chuck Yeager said that if you fly low enough in level flight the air is compressed under the wing and to the ground (ground effect) such that he thought it would be impossible to hit the ground...
- badass wooow
- Oh man, so close!! Amazing!
- Impressive!!!!