F-15 Eagle Cockpit Video
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- Bad ass video!
- That's my brother !!
- Nice vid... shame about the music.
- @4:54. Listen to how loud the turbines are when he kicks in the afterburners after flying inverted. You can't help but wonder if they were hearing protection while in the pilots seat!
- I like how the intake moves when he turns!! T50 
- Much respect to the pilot and what a beautiful plane!
- That's my brother !!
- That was my awesome Eagle, 1027.  Tragically she crashed in 2004 when her pilot inadvertently ejected.  I actually mounted the Camera for this video w/Keith (it's on the old Eagle Eye bracket).  It was 1993.  F-15 West Coast Demo Team.  Interesting fact:  We would estimate Capt. Donovan's G's during his tight turn by counting how many seconds it took to complete and of course call him unpleasant names if he took a second or two longer than his best time.
- This was a blast from the past, Keith, but I remember it well from August 1993. Link was sent to me by my daughter who is now in AF ROTC. Time flies...
-  It's fascinating to watch the variable geometry engine inlets  move during this flight demo. You say this was 1997.  Well there's another more recent video on here with an F-15 doing a flight demo and his inlets are dithering. They are moving with jerking movements and also moving way too much. Either the hinge points are worn or the prox sensors aren't adjusted properly....or both. It's hard to believe that a high performance US fighter aircraft would be allowed to remain on flight status with malfunctioning variable inlets. That F-15 should have been red X'd.  The F-15 in the other video is definitely malfunctioning.
These inlets however look like they're working well.
- My GOD !.....look at the acceleration of that thing. That's a BIG machine. My whole graduating class of mechanics stood on top of one for our class picture.....and look how fast it leaps off the deck !
- 1975 plus 17 = this video was made in 1992.
- f u all think that that pilot ain't thit,he's the shit
- U lucky bastard ;3