F-15 Eagle in HD
Odsłon: 312816
Czas trwania: 4m 18s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1996
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sala weselna Ryki, Puławy
- Meh...I prefer the original music in most of these vids...nice editing though.
- What happened to the soundtrack and full length video? My daughter loved watching that with 5 Finger Death Punch. Now it's been shortened and with different audio. I'm assuming copyright issues.
- Raptor is the best
- Perfect!!!
- This video is very nice my children like that

- Gggg
- Superb video. Thanks
- What's more exciting than soaring in one of these fighters? Just watching them is thrilling! Happy Friday everyone!!
- I never, ever get tired of watching videos like this.
- The great Eagle in 80's the best jet figther...  to day is a superb figther :)
- Sexy beast 
- SeaTac airport?
- My favorite jet of all time.  F-22/f-35 SUCK ROCKS.
- Awesome
- Great Video of a Great Airplane---F-15 Eagle.
- Fave Part at 1:39 :)
- I am 14 and when I get my GCSE's and A-Levels I'm going to train as a fighter pilot :D
- watch out Britain were watching xxx
- моща
- just for the russians The F-15 never have lost a fight yet and they are in Service since 1974.