F-15 Eagle | One of the toughest planes in the world
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- The AF has two F-15s. The C model is intended to fight air to air, while the E model is intended for air to ground activities. There are many differences between them, but the main one is that the gun on the E model is aimed a half degree below that of the C in order to make it easier to kill ground targets.
- I was an Eagle weapons troop back in 85. in 1991 I got a ride in an F-15B.
- Is the F/A-18 just a more modernized F-15s
- The MIG-25 Foxbat or the stolen Avro Arrow
- that woman pilot is is a yummy morsel
- good thing the guy int he PC9 Ejected. Idiot.
- crap music
- please update more only constant source of military documentaries i have
- 8.5/10