F-15 Eagle Takeoff/Landing - The Best American Fighter Ever Built?
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- I'd love to see the US buy some of the proposed Silent Eagle variants to augment the too-small fleet of 180 or so F-22 Raptors. F-35 may or may not prove to be a decent aircraft, but it will never be a Mach 2+ air superiority fighter. I just wonder, with powerplant upgrades, could thrust vectoring and/or supercruise be added as part of the Silent Eagle package? That would possibly make it a real competitor to the 5th gen Sukhoi PAK FA.
- No doubt the best aircraft of the world.
- Merica!
- who disliked this?
- F-15SG from RSAF
- When I see these things flying overhead I just think...wow those look like they can fly a LOT faster
- Video's showing the F-15SG, currently the most advanced version of the F-15s, that's owned by the Singapore Air Force!
- Well, it's amazing how the US hasn't had any downed F-15s yet.
- Not the best, but it is fucking awesome. Although the F-22 hasn't been tested in REAL air-to-air combat, it's up there with the F-15
- I wouldn't say it Is the best American fighter but it is a damn good looking one.
- that's a great looking fighter.
- F-15 All the way!!!
- Gotta love the F-15!