F-15 Eagle - Undefeated Combat Fighter
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- I love F-15s. But I hate this stupid music! What the hell, is that supposed to make it more dramatic? Trust me, the F-15 doesn't need added drama!
- We have to call TOTAL BULL-FUCKING-SHIT on the F-15 claimed kill ratio of 100+ for zero losses! Anyone who believes this garbage is a dumbass Yank fat slob.
Seriously, how can you believe this nonsense? It is plain and simply US and Israeli propaganda. Don't believe me? Here is the truth:
1) After the Korean war the US claimed to have had a 10:1 kill ratio for the F86 against MiGs. It took 40 years for the true number to be revealed, after extensive research, to be closer to 1.3:1 in favour of the F86. 40 FUCKING YEARS before the truth came out
2) The US VEHEMENTLY denied any air-2-air losses in Desert Storm. It took 20 FUCKING YEARS before they admitted a MiG-25 shot down an F-18. There are also at least 4 other Iraqi claims of US aircraft shot down in air-2-air combat including an F-15 shot down by another MiG-25. It will probably take another 20 years but the truth will come out.
3) The majority of the F-15 kills in the "100+" kill stats has been made by Israelis. A bigger bunch of liars you will not come across. That is the truth. The Syrians shot down at least 15 Israeli aircraft in 1982. This included at least 4 F-15s, and 8 F-16s.
- This is very cool !!
I like F-15c very much!!
- Did you hear that Putin????  The F-15 is UNDEFEATED!!  You might want to keep that in mind when you decide to launch your Sukhoi and Mig fighter jets against it in the next war.
- It's combat record is disputed. Both the USA and USSR have been caught lying many many times.
- F-15: 105 - 0
F-14: 164 - 1

Heck, you can't really find Russian jets that have more deaths than kills.
- I looked up F-15 in the dictionary and it was " World's Largest Distributor of MIG parts".
- iraqi mig-29 shot one of saudis f-15
- When yugoslavia was protecting its airspace with only 7 Mig29's Nato lost several F16's and wouldn't put the F15 into the airspace over Yugoslavia because of fear they'd be shot down as well.The mig 29 successfully defended its airspace for 6 weeks against 600 Nato fighter aircraft and the Yugoslav pilots had to be tricked into flying into sam site triangulated traps outside their airspace so cut the NSA baloney and read your history books children. Lets not forget they lost their stealth fighter as well during the conflict.
- This baby can fly with only one wing.
- I didn't know about this plane until 1987, when a friend of mine used it as the subject of a mechanical drawing project for school. When he showed me his results I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked. I was so amazed that I accused him of making it up; no airplane, I thought, could look that good and not be a fantasy. It's still my all-time favorite jet.
- There's no bought the F-15 Eagle is a fine aircraft and it has gone up against air craft of similar spec (a couple of times).  
For me though, this out lines better combat training in the pilots.
- The F-15 Now that is a FKN awesome flying Machine to bad they do not fly over ISIS and bomb the shit of out them 
- Undefeated? No big deal if it never flew against a comparable enemy jet!
- This plane scared the shit out of russians, lol. It still do.
- F-15 is expected to be in service with the US Air Force until 2025,,,
- the camos on them are so cool 
- At 9:25, that's Van Nuys airport, runway One-Six-Right.  I remember when I was a kid, watching jets take off on Monday mornings after the weekend airshows.  It's a shame they put an end to them!
- you know if you put a large spoiler on a civic its basically the same if not faster than this fighter jet