F-15 Eagle Vs MiG-31 Foxhound RmX
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- The Eagle and Foxhound have two different roles; the F-15 is an air-superiority fighter whereas the MiG-31 is mean to intercept bombers. Try F-15 vs Su-27/30.
- en combate cerrado el mig tiene un poco de desventaja pero desde la distancia es mig es superior y para eso fue creado es un caza de alta potencia altisima velocidad un radar potente misiles peligrosos y maniobrabilidad a gran altitud y velocidad
- Mig 31 is an amazing plane
- the mig-31 has a 600km range radar and carries the R-33 missiles with range of 310km but any ways they have different roles
- Mig-15 for it's avionics, boosted and redundant control surfaces,radar,armament and maneuverability. It was truly an air superiority platform not an interceptor. Hands down the superior aircraft.
- Compere tugger whit cat hahaha mig -31 and mig -25 is the kings in the sky
Su-27 and f-15 it is the same class
I going to chose Su -27 the best plan I can fly !!!!
It is not beauty contest sorry
Regards fro Bulgaria
- это разный тип самолётов, их сравнение не уместно.
F-15 <>SU-27 (4)или SU-30,-37(4++)
- MiG-31 Foxhound 1.
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- in close range and mig 31 at f15 s'range of fire on bvr combat the foxhound will find problems, but, if The mig 31 keep long Range his is safe and now The f15 will find problem.