F 15 Streak Eagle Record Flights
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- F-15..just a sick display of raw power. This is a post Vietnam war aircraft that is still to this day one of the top 3 aircraft ever built. The pilots wore space suits for crying out loud because this bird could fly so high and so fast. The plane in the video was still climbing and accelerating well above 100k feet..awesome!
- With the introduction of the Raptor, haven`t these records been broken, or is it top secret?.
- NO country has ever broken these records to date. EVER. stay calm, and fly an F-15. Or learn how to hyperdrive. Chewy........hit it.
- The P-42 ( modified SU-27 )didn't break these records until 1986.
- I believe the Russians in a SU-27 hold all three these records - shortly after they were initially set by the Streak Eagle.
- Why did they Immelmann out on most of them.  That seems slower than just doing a straight climb out.
- My right ear really enjoyed this video.