F-15 Strike Eagle Show of Force
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- Now that's what you call turning and burning !!!!!!!! These are the muscle cars of the skies.
- Anytime the F-15 fly's anywhere or does anything it is a show of force! lol
- Very impressive piloting by the F15 pilot.
- this is a great vid
- Joyous!
- What idiots would put a thumb down for this video, Elwyn R your videos are the best.
- Love your vids Elwyn. Beautiful country and Jets. Might have to make it out there one of these days.
- I wonder how many G's the pilot took on the turn at the 24 second mark?
- Goosebumps
- Ф-15 Боевой орёл уникальная машина...
- Me gusta este video porque de los que ví es uno de los pocos que me causa tanta sorpresa la capacidad de maniobra de estos aparatos.
- This is good, and I also like this video of an American Blue Angel F-18 taking off. You Brits should have a Eurofighter team, that would be awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEzrWnMQ040
- Those f-15s look mean. Great looking aircraft. Do F-16s use the Mach Loop..??
- woah
- لله دره من طيار أصيل
- Level hard! :)
- I remember as a kid back in england playing outside these things would come screaming over head ,and as an adult i would be walking home from the pub pissed out of my mind and a pair of these would scream past 100ft from the ground and there was no sound until theywhere almost out of site ,then you shit yourself, all this at 3am
- little afterburner there I like it
- I pretty much think he knows what he is doing...
- Holy Balls of Steel!