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- Japs are dying to get hands on F22 from the US. Toshiba sold advanced CNC machines which Russians used to build silent submarines to challenge the US submarines. Japanese shouldn't be trusted with advanced weapons.
- congats  usa
- @FXWorldBeater the current F-22 and F-35 radars (AN/APG-77V1 and AN/APG-81) belong to the same generation and share and have the same capabilities and technologies. http://www.northropgrumman.com/Capabilities/ANAPG80AESARadar/Documents/AESA.pdf
The radars of these two planes are almost the same. the only difference is that the AN/APG-77V1 is just bigger.
The F-22 does not have a EOTS or any similar system-True. The F-22 Raptor does not have DAS.- yeah true but it has a more simple system that basicly provides just missile warning, called AN/AAR-56 MLD. The DAS of the F-35 was developed from this MLD of the raptor. the engines of the f-22 and f-35 belong to the same generation and have the same tech. the F135 is just a development of the F119. the F135 is simply a little bigger and has some changes to produce more thrust. About RAM, the differences of coatings between these aircraft is little. don't forget that the F-35 was designed for export. And yes the Raptor does not have MADL. But probably (maybe...) they will put it on the raptor in a future upgrade. but the IFDL today works just fine for the raptors.
- este caza es la leche :o estoy enamorado de ese jodido avión jjajajajaja :D