F-22 RAPTOR in ACTION! World’s best fighter jet! (Superb HD footage and AMAZING SOUND!)
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- And half did not show the fact that makes the Su-35. When the maneuvers with the loss of speed constantly falls on the wing
- awsome fighter jet .....costly but very usefull....good work america...
- I really wish we could have sold some of these to Japan. They were begging us to sell it to them but congress went ahead and made it illegal to sell the F-22 to any foreign nation. It would have helped us pay for ours and saved the Japanese millions of dollars in RD. Because they are currently working on their own stealth fighter but it's taking a lot of time and money when they could just have just bought some from us.
- f 22 a great plane!!!!but i have to tell you that pak fa t 50 its better!!!!! jajajaja like ronaldo and messi,ronaldo its good but messi its from other galaxy,and god bless all the world if USA have no fuel any more!!!!!!
- gorgeous plane
- nice
- What is the name of the song used @ 5:00?
- @3:28 means stay off my back or I'll be on yours.
- my opinion , the F-22 Raptor is incredible
- much better that PakFA-50
- Superb, Superb. The best fighter plane in the world piloted by a top class pilot. Great Show. Thanks.
- usa air forces are simply incomparable
- God bless the USA. great video of this craft for which is borrowed tech from aliens.
- The first, best and most beautifully designed 5th gen fighter, lets face it everyone else just copied the US, and while they're still polishing the final product, it's likely that the US are looking at the prototype 6th gen fighter! You can copy all you want, but you punks just don't have the technology and expertise to match, it's never about the cake you're eating, it's about the one you're cooking in the oven.
- The T-50 ate these things up in the war games with Indias pilots flying them. They are not the baddest around. The T-50 is unmatched!!
- if ur flying this shit plane called f 35 and you see the Sukhoi Su-37 ... please eject ASAP
- 1 hour in flight and 30 hours of reparation. Ho, he has problem with rain. Ho impossible to communicate with when in flight. Hmm.....
- nu!
- Looks good yankees and soon we will get to know if your fighters are better than ours. Just when your rulers clash my country with Europe, we will see it. As far for now, all these internet experts in comments are posting nothing but a rubbish.