F-22 Raptor sees First Combat in Syria against ISIS
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- this video is bullshit
- where the combat? took off and landed.
- Wow. I know that the U.S. military is famous for bringing creature comforts to the war zone like McDonalds and KFC, but bringing Las Vegas to the middle east and building an airbase that looks exactly like Nellis is taking it to a new level.
- As Nikita Khruchev once said - We would bury you americans !!!
- f22 in syria hey fucking looks like Vegas in the background to me
- F22 vs ISIS... YGBSM The most sophisticated threat they might encounter is a quadcopter with an RPG strapped to it....
- Yes people ISIS is in Vegas reminds them of home before you know it they will be in Atlantic City Gambling.
- in 2010 the news "worldwar3news" said that the Raptor was cancelled was it after all or are these those remainig and no others were built was the news channel just plain wrong.
- drop a nuclear bomb on those shit ISIS please
- 79 million dollars for one mission, wow, and there is not even 1 evidence the mission really happened....
- I would love to see these planes unleashed on idiot terrorists then maybe they would think twice about doing stupid shit
- I know Congress banned these planes, from foreign sales, so why do we have them over there? If one were to get shot down, then many of our secrets will be revealed.
- TopGunBrainwasher! That's Nellis, you Dipstick!
- Happy 10th birthday F22
- This is just freakin file footage in Nevada. Why would a raptor be loading up on sidewinders to bomb Da'esh? As if they can bomb targets with air to air missiles.
- Maybe they saw "combat" cos we did"nt
- Where's footage of the air strikes?
- Where did they take off from?